Backyard Didgeridoo Crafting

I never in a million years thought my “job” would be didgeridoo crafting. It feels more like a mission than a job though. Selling instruments came as a necessity to buy better tools so I could make myself better instruments. Thus the cycle began. I love crafting but I would much rather just be a player. The […]

Setting Up the Wet & Mob Showroom

The Wet & Mob Didgeridoo showroom under went a few transformations since we moved in two and a half years ago. We inherited a large map of the world from the previous business that leased our space. We decided to keep the map with plans to eventually map out where all of our didges live […]

Getting Settled in the New Shop

Moving Wet Didgeridoo from the small open-walled shed in my backyard to an indoor space provided a lot of unforeseen obstacles and possibilities. The Obstacles DUST! After years of sanding and grinding out in the yard and letting the wind carry the dust away, it was a rude awakening to realize we needed dust collectors […]

Moving Into the the New Shop 2011

In the spring of 2011 we moved our backyard didgeridoo crafting operation into a 3000 sqft warehouse space. A family friend who makes cabinets wanted to set up a new shop, so we joined him and leased this space in “as is” condition. It took about two months just to get all our equipment inside, […]