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Welcome to WET Didgeridoo, home of the Multidrone. Our goal is to help progress the paradigm of contemporary didgeridoo forward, into an unrecognizably dynamic future. We are crafting new breeds of instruments, exploring new playing territories, teaching lessons and showcasing other players and teachers who are pushing the limits of what this instrument can doo.

WET Didgeridoo & Mob Didgeridoo
WET Didgeridoo is the namesake brand of instruments crafted by William Edwards Thoren. Mob Didgeridoo is a collective (AKA Mob) of crafters focused on furthering the development of multidrone instruments. It was spawned from a small team that helped build WET Didgeridoos early on, and has expanded to include independent crafters from other cities and states. Multidrone is a playing technique and new breed of instrument invented and developed by William Thoren. It makes it possible to play an expanded range of tones, traditionally unachievable on didgeridoo.

You will notice the writings throughout our blogs and lesson pages shift from possessive to plural randomly (I/we). Mob Didgeridoo currently lives on this website and the two brands are tightly linked. I, William Thoren write the possessive posts. Both Mob members and myself write the plural posts.